Exhibit @ EMEX

Blog date: Friday July 5, 2024 11:42

Exhibiting at EMEX New Zealand provides a fantastic opportunity to showcase your products and services to a targeted audience in the engineering, manufacturing, and electronics sectors. Here are some key areas and products you might consider exhibiting:

  1. Additive Manufacturing:

    • 3D printers and related technologies.
    • Materials and software for additive manufacturing.
  2. CNC Machine Technology:

    • CNC machines and tools.
    • Software for CNC machining and automation.
  3. Control and Instrumentation:

    • Measurement and control devices.
    • Instrumentation for industrial applications.
  4. Health and Safety:

    • Safety equipment and protective gear.
    • Solutions for workplace safety and compliance.
  5. Industrial Automation:

    • Robotics and automation systems.
    • IoT applications and smart manufacturing solutions.
  6. Industrial Engineering and Maintenance:

    • Tools and equipment for industrial maintenance.
    • Engineering services and solutions.
  7. Industry 4.0 and IoT Applications:

    • Smart factory solutions.
    • IoT devices and platforms for industrial use.
  8. Robotics:

    • Industrial robots and robotic arms.
    • Automation solutions for various industries.
  9. Tooling:

    • Cutting tools, hand tools, and power tools.
    • Tooling solutions for manufacturing and engineering.
  10. Welding, Forming, and Cutting:

    • Welding equipment and supplies.
    • Metal forming and cutting machinery.
  11. Materials Handling and Conveying:

    • Conveyors and material handling systems.
    • Solutions for efficient material transport and storage.
  12. Engineering Plastics and Materials Technology:

    • Advanced materials for engineering applications.
    • Plastics and composites for industrial use.

By showcasing these products and solutions, you can attract a wide range of visitors, including industry professionals, buyers, and decision-makers. EMEX is an excellent platform to demonstrate your innovations, network with potential clients, and stay updated with the latest industry trends

Exhibit @ EMEX