Exhibit @ The Auckland Home Show

Blog date: Tuesday July 9, 2024 09:42

Exhibiting at the Auckland Home Show offers several compelling reasons for businesses in the home improvement, renovation, and building industry. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Direct Customer Interaction:

    • Face-to-Face Engagement: No other sales or marketing medium allows you to connect with 40,000+ highly targeted consumers in such a short time.
    • Demonstrate Your Product: Showcase and demonstrate your product directly to potential customers.
    • Immediate Sales: Make direct sales on the spot
  2. Brand Exposure and Awareness:

    • Trusted Marketing Medium: The Auckland Home Show is a proven and trusted platform that significantly increases your company’s sales and brand awareness.
    • Retention Rate: Approximately 85% of exhibitors return year after year due to the results they achieve
  3. Quality Audience:

    • Targeted Homeowners and Builders: Meet thousands of homeowners and builders actively planning renovations and new home builds.
    • Largest Home Renovation and Building Show: The Auckland Home Show is Australasia’s largest and most successful event in this industry
  4. Strategic Marketing Campaign:

    • Active Homeowner Market: The extensive marketing campaign targets homeowners looking to improve their homes now or in the near future.
    • Easy Access for Visitors: Provide homeowners with access to products, services, experts, and inspiration they need for their home projects
  5. Exhibitor Solutions:

    • Sales and Branding: Make direct sales, showcase your product, and increase brand awareness.
    • Lead Generation: Grow your customer database by generating leads.
    • Networking: Connect with industry peers and strengthen relationships
  6. Quality Assurance:

    • Selective Process: The Auckland Home Show ensures the quality of exhibitors and products to offer the best experience to attendees.
    • Stable Retail Environment: Capping product categories ensures a balanced mix of relevant products and services

In summary, exhibiting at the Auckland Home Show provides an excellent opportunity to engage with motivated customers, demonstrate your products, and enhance your brand presence. It’s a strategic investment for your business!

Exhibit @ The Auckland Home Show