Academic Presentation Posters

Fabric Scientific Presentation Posters

Send DisplayMate your academic, scientific or university presentation artwork and we'll print it as a large fabric poster.

We use a high quality crease-resistant fabric so you can fold it up and carry in your luggage for easy transportation to each event. 

841 x 1189mm (A0) is the most popular size and each print features high quality dye-sublimation printed graphics and colour vibrancy.

Contact us for a quote to the size of your choice.

Artwork Checklist

Please read and work through the following checklist before sending artwork to us. If you have any questions please contact us.


Please send your artwork in PDF format regardless of the program you use to create it. 

Small objects

Tiny text and symbols may not print clearly so please make these as large as practically possible.

Fine lines

Very fine lines may not be visible when printed so please make sure these have a suitable thickness.

Image quality

Check the resolution of your images. Do this by enlarging your final artwork on your computer screen to 100% finished size to see the quality. 

Trimming margin

Please keep all important text and images at least 20mm inside of the trimmed edge.


Please extend your background graphics 40mm outside each edge of your artwork to ensure perfect edges. E.g. For a typical A0 size poster which measures 841 x 1189mm.... the final measurement including the 40mm bleed should be 921 x 1269mm.

Sending Small Artwork

If your artwork is less than 10Mb please email it to

Sending Large Artwork

For artwork larger than 10Mb please click the WeTransfer Button below to upload your artwork through WeTransfer.

  1. Enter our email address in the recipient field.
  2. Enter your order ID# (if applicable) and other relevant information in the message field.

If you have any questions please contact us.


I'm super happy with the quality
I'm super happy with the quality

I'm attending a scientific conference overseas and got in touch with DisplayMate to print a fabric poster because they are easier to travel with. The process was super easy - I submitted a pdf of the poster for checking and it arrived about a week later. I'm super happy with the quality of the print and the fabric doesn't crease as much as other fabric posters I have. There was a bit of a hiccup in the process, but Julie really went the extra mile to make sure I got my poster before departing the country. Thanks so much Julie! 


Their professionalism made the entire process smooth and worry-free
Their professionalism made the entire process smooth and worry-free

"Exceeding Expectations in Quality, Service, and Convenience". DisplayMate truly came through when I needed my research poster printed on fabric within a tight deadline. What impressed me the most was the quality and attention to detail in their service. The fabric they used was exceptional. Even after folding and carrying it around for a while, it had minimal creases. This made setting up my poster at the research conference incredibly convenient, as I didn't have to worry about unsightly wrinkles. The print quality was outstanding as well. The colours were vivid, and the level of detail in my graphics and text was impeccable. What set DisplayMate apart was their exceptional customer service. They were responsive to my questions, provided valuable guidance, and kept me informed about the progress of my order. Their professionalism made the entire process smooth and worry-free.


Colours are saturated and look bright
Colours are saturated and look bright

Just letting you know the poster arrived on Monday morning - thank you so much for this it looks really great! The colours are saturated and look bright. Very clear and in focus.