Artwork Specifications

Artwork Checklist

Before sending your print-ready artwork please work through the following checklist and refer to Artwork Specifications below it for a detailed explaination.

Accepted File Types
Visual Proof
Common Faults
Colour Matching
Resolution & Image Quality
File Size

Artwork Specifications

Accepted File Types - We only accept PDF, EPS & AI file types. Where possible please save these files from Adobe Illustrator. We no longer accept CDR file types. If you are working from CorelDraw please save your artwork file as a PDF. Occasionally there can be issues when opening or importing files generated across different platforms or software packages, so be aware that if you’re working with basic software such as Flexisign or similar there is a small chance errors may arise. The most common will be ‘Unknown shading types’ or ‘Nonnative artwork’ which can produce undesired results when being read or parsed back into Adobe Illustrator.

Visual Proof - Please supply us with a flattened visual of your artwork. This is used for quality control purposes and allows us to visually cross reference this with the artwork you’ve supplied. You can either save your artwork as a JPEG or take a screenshot. We cannot proceed without this.

Fonts - We have an extensive font library but we ask that you outline all fonts within your artwork file, if necessary please provide the font with the artwork file.

Common Faults - Please ensure your file does not contain any overprints or spot whites.

Templates - Using the correct template is crucial, each one of our templates are uniquely designed to suit its product. Carefully read the template title and ensure you have the one that matches the product you are purchasing. Artwork in incorrect templates will be returned to you for re-supply. If you are unsure which template to use simply call our friendly sales team who will guide you towards the correct one.

Colour Matching - We can only accept PMS numbers for colour matching, please select from the Pantone+ Solid Coated or Uncoated colour books. Alternatively if we have supplied you with a fabric colour chart, please select your colours from this chart and notify us when submitting your artwork. We cannot use a CMYK mix as the sublimation process alters how each colour appears across different substrates. We can accept CMYK mixes selected from our fabric chart only.

Resolution & Image Quality - Please ensure your images are of printable quality. We recommend a minimum of 150dpi when at full size. Please embed your imagery into the artwork file, if you believe this may severely affect the file handling and cause performance issues then please link the files and supply the links. Final production quality will reflect the artwork you have supplied.

Black - For a rich black with optimal coverage on our printers we recommend the following CMYK values: 25% Cyan, 19% Magenta, 15% Yellow, 100% Black  

File Size - Single files should not exceed 1gb (1024mb). Files still need to be workable, if your machines are struggling to process the file there is a good chance ours will too. Some things which can blow out files sizes are inflated image resolutions which may need to be down sampled. Hidden layers can also hold data when saving or exporting and should be deleted prior to saving. Delete any unnecessary, duplicated or unused imagery from your file. Excessive file size may incur additional processing charges.

Sending Large Artwork

When ready to send your artwork, please click the WeTransfer Button below to upload your artwork through WeTransfer.

  1. Enter our email address in the recipient field.
  2. Enter your order ID# (if applicable) and other relevant information in the message field.
  3. Please combine your artwork into a ZIP file before sending.

If you have any issues please contact us.